Friday, March 12, 2010

"Truly He Cares For Widows"

"I am an old woman, and I am a widow.

Before, I was all alone in this world. Even the two grandchildren I had are dead. I had many worries. Too many worries. I couldn't even sleep peacefully at night because of so many preoccupying thoughts. But, God made a way for me. He brought me to come work here with Iris Ministries.

Now, I have so many grandchildren. On every side, I see my grandchildren. I move to that side of the compound and I play with that grandchild. Then, I go and sit with another grandchild. If I'm thirsty, one of the grandchildren brings me a cup of water.

I'm so happy here. My worrying all stopped when I came here. I sleep in peace at night. I don't have any more demonic encounters, like I had before.

I'm not alone. I am so happy, and - you see - I am even growing fat and strong! The work is so good, and I thank God.

We shouldn't worry. I used to be full of worries before, but now I just want to look at Jesus.

God is good. Truly, He cares for the widows."

-"Grandma R", one of our precious YCV Mamas, shared first in Jennie-Joy's Weblog

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