Sunday, March 7, 2010

These Can Now See!!!

Where we went in the Didinga hills in far eastern equatoria, blindness is rampant due to lack of health care and a spiritual atmosphere plagued with high witchcraft.

Jesus loves to open our eyes to see Him for who He is and He is still healing the blind. What does good news look like to those who cannot see? SIGHT!

This precious and very happy mama received healing for her eyes and we will be posting a video shortly we hope- internet speeds allowing.

This young boy in our Iris Dream-Vision Primary School in Kartema, a village in the mountains around our base in Chukudum had one eye that was completely blind from his earlies memory. It was little more than a small whitish something in the socket but almost completely closed.

We watched Jesus open his eye and the brown that was not there rolled around into place and he began following our fingers and telling us what He saw!

YAY God! You are so amazingly good and kind... all the glory goes to You! Jesus desires to open the eyes of these unreached people to see Him and be set free from fear and witchcraft. Pray for revival fire to consume Didinga hills!

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