Sunday, March 7, 2010

Street Kids Church in Torit

Our journey east led us through a city called Torit. We were taken in by some sweet missionaries there and told of a yummy restaurant that served grilled chicken. A delicacy we definitely were ready for after 2 days of roadtripping across Sudan.

While sitting with some people, I noticed disheveled hungry looking boys about 6 years old to late teens hungrily watching us eat. The restaurant management started to throw rocks at them and others around us murmuring what a nuisance these boys are. I can't see hungry kids and NOT feed them, especially if I am eating a delicious plate of chicken.

Much to the chagrin of those around me, I got up bought out most of the bread and began to pass it out and hear some of their names and stories. On the way back through, we connected with a precious local pastor who grew up an orphan himself and conducted an outreach. 30 hungry lives ate not only natural bread but bread from heaven and gave their lives to follow Jesus. We will now be supporting this local leader's outreach to these precious ones Jesus gave everything for.

We heard some of their stories and just marveled at God already at work in their hearts and lives. These ones others treat as flies to be swatted away, will become the revival generation that sets a nation ablaze with the love of the Father. It is so important we always have eyes to see what God is doing, even in the interruptions that become opportunities for the invasion of heaven in our midst.

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