Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miracles of Love

We are having a crazy awesome time.... It is such a blessing to have Rolland here with us for a few days! It is pure joy to have him here. Our leaders are enjoying the richness and goodness of God poured out through his life and stories. So am I!!! I am so grateful for family in Jesus and to be part of such a precious movement in the earth in this hour.

So how's this for day one of our gathering? We had over 100 village kids show up today for the conference and stay for lunch unexpectedly... after we fed the leaders we had THIS much left before we started feeding the children who just showed up and kept on coming... seriously, right?

Well I cannot NOT feed hungry kids- unexpected or not. So I went over to the food, asked Papa to multiply it and invited every child to come on down for a yummy lunch.

Meanwhile unbeknownst to us 30 of our kids, including some of our younger children, decide to fast today praying for an outpouring. And THEY were the ones along with our staff leading the conference logistically and serving the meals.

So THIS little bit of food fed over 100 kids AND we had left overs! Just like the loaves and fishes! YAY God... We are still rejoicing at His great goodness!

How great is the Father's love He has lavished on us that we should be called the children of God! And that is what we are. She was happy too- she got a delicious lunch!

Please pray with us for a continued outpouring of His love on all of us as we seek His face tomorrow all day long and pray for the nation here.

We are at a pivotal time here and in need of a spiritual army of pray-ers to arise that this nation may walk in the freedom only found in God's huge heart of love.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Freedom to the Captives

Last August, we held an outreach in an unreached village among the Mundari tribe. There was a man named Konga who came to the meeting. That man was known as a "mad man" who wandered the village. He was blind, often without clothes and out of his mind. And the whole village knew about him.

To us he was a blind man who needed healing. Our team began praying for his eyes as well as to discern his demonized state. His sight returned incrementally as we prayed. We continued to speak forth healing and command the deaf/dumb spirit to go.

The man stayed in our campground through the night as God ministered healing and deliverance to him. When we left the village, he was still going through deliverance. So, we continued praying for Konga, but didn't know what happened with him after we left.

Last week, we heard the news that he is healed and completely delivered in his right mind! Not only that, but the entire village gathered after they saw him delivered. The chief said, "If God can free this man, we know He is the real God, and we must respond to Him."

The entire village took action and destroyed their in-home stills where many families brewed local alcohol. Alcoholism has been a common stronghold in that area. One of our church planters is raising up a church in this village, and we look forward to sending our leaders there to continue to disciple this precious man now set free by the power of Jesus as well as the people of the area! Thank you Jesus for setting the captives free!